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Data Science and Machine Learning in Operation Management

Business Operations’ Improvement through Data Science and Machine Learning Technologies.

“Improve How You Do Business” by improving Your Business Operations through proper use of technologies such as; Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Technologies that are streamlined and delivered through state of the art cloud based User Interfaces which transform working in your company to an enjoyable user experience for employees and managers.

Our Software as a Service products are designed to integrate with your Business Operations. We streamline and implement your business workflows, take care of all your Data Cleaning, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, and then will provide you with an Intelligent Platform tailored to your Business, with all needed dashboards, reports, records and applications.

Your employees would not need to learn how to work with our system since our platform is designed to match and streamline your business operations. Our customers easily get to do their jobs in a much more efficient and streamlined manner; they would no more spend hours to copy / paste information into multiple spreadsheets / emails / documents or search for previous reports and records, instead they will have the tools, reports and repositories available to focus on their main responsibilities which makes them much more productive.

Also we implement KPI metrics which are always up-to-date helping employees and managers see how each person contributes to the team and highlight areas that can be improved. Resulting in opportunities for training and coaching, which has led to better talent retention and skills management for our customers.

We look forward to providing our comprehensive services to your company and add you to our list of satisfied customers, please contact us to learn more about ways we can “Improve How You Do Business”.

Rytech Team


We have decided to streamline the Sales Process in multi-channel sales environment. We aimed to ensure that salespeople, manufacturer representative firms, and manufacturers' branch offices will receive full credit for their design activities, regardless of fulfillment channel(s). Equiupped with Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms, SalesDataFlow precisely tracks projects in multi-channel global shipments. SalesDataFlow streamlines the entire sales process with its smart and responsive Design-In Pipeline Management, Sales Team Management, and Customer Management.

Product Life Cycle Management

Our Product Life Cycle Management System is a secure could based Web Application designed to streamline product handling from R&D to Production line and to Distribution network and Inventory. We have designed Machine Learning backed Cross and Match recommender systems where Sales team can easily find the most suitable choice of products for your customers’ demands, and if customization is needed R&D can be informed instantaneously. Our system retrieves other manufacturers’ product Specifications from Publicly available data sources making it easier and faster to find the best recommendation.

Channel Management & Sales Representative Management

Expanding your customer facing force using employees or Sales representatives is key in most industries, however managing and ever growing army of Sales Professionals and supplying them with up to date product information and pricing in today’s fast paced product life cycle is a critical task. Our Channel Management and DesignIn Tracker Web Application has been designed to help you make most out of your Sales Team. With years of experience in High Tech business to business team we have taken the necessary step to make sure in our Web Application you can integrate your channel data such as ERP billing records, Point of Sales Reports from your Distributors’ and also Opportunity reports from your CRM and your Sales Rep firms … All this data is constantly and automatically being added to the our platform. Then if you want to see each Sales Person KPI or each DesignIn progress or each Customer’s performance it only takes a click of a button.

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